5ml glass bottle with 3 reusable applicators

Break free from pimples
with just one drop

When you squeeze your pimples, only part of the exudate comes out, while the remaining part nestles in the deep of the follicle maintainig the inflammation. Moreover the exudate coming out may provoke prolifaration to other follicles nearby. The use of PIMPLE BYE-BYE avoids irritation due to squeezing and reduces the risk of proliferation.
Cutaneous manifestations usually called pimples are featured by an inflammatory process of the follicle and the connected sebaceous gland. Pimples mostly affect face, shoulders, upper chest. The etiology of such a manifestation is provoked by a sebaceous hypersecretion, due to different factors, combined to a topical accumulation of dead cells that occludes follicles. 
The occlusion of the follicle generates an oxygen free environment which favors the abnormal growth of anaerobic bacteria that are normally present in follicles.
The abnormal growth of bacteria provokes inflammation and generates pimples. By removing the occlusion, the internal environment becomes again rich of oxigen and limits the proliferation of such bacteria.

Dip the applicator in the product and apply one drop on the pimple, leaving it to dry naturally. In presence of pimples with exudate, remove it by gently rubbing on the pimple the applicator tip soaked in the product. After use, rinse the applicator with water. If necessary, repeat after 24 hours.
The Glycolic Acid belongs to the alpha-hydroxy-acids family. It is a natural substance extracted by sugar cane, sugar beet, grapes. Glycolic Acid is widely utilized in dermatology and aesthetics as well, at different concentrations and, thanks to the very small dimensions of its molecule it can perform an intense exfoliating action by reacting with the upper epidermic layer and enfeebling the binding properties that maintain together the dead cells.
is a particular buffered solution of Glycolic Acid capable of purifying the pimple area and removing the occlusion of the follicle deeply and effectively. Also avoiding recurrence and propagation of pimples to other follicles.

Contents natural Glycolic Acid. For external use only. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children in a dark fresh place. Avoid contact with eyes and other delicate parts of the body. Do not let the product dripping on your face. In case of accidental contact, rinse abundantly the part with cold water. The product may provoke a harmless redness and skin irritation. If such manifestations last more than one hour, apply to a physician showing the product. Do not apply the product on the whole face but only one drop on each pimple. In order to prevent skin intolerance or allergic reactions, it is suggested a simple tolerability test by applying a drop on the inner part of your forearm. The redness is harmless and disappears in few minutes. In case of important reactions do not use the product. Do not expose your face to the sun immediately after use without a high protection sun shield cream.